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Whether you’re from the UK, US or elsewhere, we’re here to help!

Buying generic versions of drugs in the UK and several other countries is legal and you can purchase the generic version of PrEP for just a tenth of the price of what the NHS will pay for leading brand Truvada. In short, you can pay on average £44 for the same protection as opposed to the £400 a month pill Truvada made by the company Gilead. Generic PrEP provides the same protection and is referred to as Tenofovir/FTC. The only difference between the two is the cost and which company supplies the drugs.

Many sexual health clinics advise that you purchase your PrEP also known as TDF/FTC (generic version)

You can also buy PrEP through private healthcare; however, a prescription is most likely required. There are several other suppliers where you can purchase PrEP online; a prescription may be required for those as well, which is why we have chosen UK United Pharmacies as our recommended supplier. No prescription is necessary and it is known as one of the cheapest and most reliable suppliers in the UK.

It is also important that you order your PrEP in advance, as many suppliers will only offer you a pre order that can take anywhere between one and five weeks before it arrives at your address. For more information on this, please read the article here.

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