DESTIGMATIZE to attend and offer support to pitchers at AXM Foundations ‘Pitch To Enrich 2’ event

The AXM Foundation played a crucial part in raising awareness and fundraising before DESTIGMATIZE was launched. 

This event gave us a platform to pitch our vision to the foundation and aside from the generous donation Penny Crayon’s company donated to our project, this was also a great networking opportunity for us. We didn’t ‘win’ on the evening but we also didn’t lose. We still left with a generous donation and I was still able to make some great contacts during the evening. Based on your pitch you have the opportunity to win £500 on the evening although in the long run, there are no winners or losers! 

We would like to encourage any LGBTQ/ally in the Greater Manchester area who has an idea that could benefit the community or even so if you’re struggling yourself whether it be to start up a business or a charity or something you deem to be a creative venture, we’d like to encourage you to apply for a grant with the foundation which can be anything up to £500. Even better, if you pitch your idea on the evening and have your voice heard by a panellist of open minded individuals and a gentle audience you could win the grant on the very same night!

If you’re unsuccessful in ‘winning’ on the evening this does not mean that you still can’t apply for a grant with the foundation, this is an opportunity that can only benefit you and your idea/cause. Whether it be the grant itself, networking or raising awareness, there will be something to gain by using your voice.

I myself will be there representing DESTIGMATIZE to offer pitchers support and encouragement. 

Panellists are to be confirmed but from what we know you’re going to be in great hands! 

There is no idea too big or too small. The only requirement you need is to believe in yourself so that somebody else can believe in you!

The event will be held in the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village upstairs in the VIP lounge in Bar Pop on Friday February 3rd at 9pm

If you would like to pitch on the evening, contact chairman Stuart Donnelly here

RSVP via the event’s Facebook page here