DESTIGMATIZE to speak out and raise awareness around ‘bugchasing’ at The Gay Agenda live show next month

Next month on the 26th of February I will be representing DESTIGMATIZE and talking to the audience about bugchasing, what it is, why it’s happening and why sexual health centre’s across the UK are failing to link sexual health with mental health.

I will be joining fellow activists Ashleigh Talbot, Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow and Rylan John Cavell on the panel so we can raise awareness for the causes we’re all very passionate about. The event will be in conjunction with Laughing Cows Comedy (see below for ticketing options if you’re interested in both shows) 

I would like to stress that even though such issues such as ‘bugchasing’ are not only important but educational, this doesn’t mean there won’t be room for some banter and laughs! Audience interaction is guaranteed which is the beauty of having a platform to raise awareness right in front of you! Remember you also get a say!

In the meantime I have created a survey to do further research on bugchasing and it would be greatly appreciated if you would please take a couple minutes of your time to fill this out, it’s only a short survey! Click here

Lydia, Ashleigh, Myself and Rylan preparing this week ahead of the show
Lydia has also been doing some research on an issue which is equally as important – misogyny in the LGBT community, I encourage all female readers to take a couple of minutes of their time to fill out Lydia’s survey which you can find here

I wouldn’t like to give too much away so bare in mind that both Rylan and Ashleigh will also have some great topics to talk to the audience about on the evening. 

The event will be held in Manchester’s famous Frog and Bucket Comedy Club from 16:30 – 18:30 and tickets can be purchased here from as little as £7.00, or an early bird combined ticket (for both shows) from £8.00 

You can also RSVP via the event page on Facebook here

Remember this event is open to ALL and as an extra special surprise the event will be recorded and broadcast on global radio station Fab Radio International and That’s TV will be there to film the show. 

Be sure to grab yourself a ticket before the event sells out!