HIV: The Basics

At DESTIGMATIZE we fully promote educating people about HIV & AIDS, this is the ultimate cure to eradicating the stigmatization of HIV. However, as there is so much information online already about HIV & AIDS, we want to take a new and different approach to education. We want people to tell and read stories from other people who are either HIV positive or HIV negative that have experienced HIV stigma or witnessed stigma in some form, this way, you’re all educating each other through the beauty of your own personal experiences! It adds personality and we hope that newly diagnosed HIV positive people can read these stories and relate to them. For this, we have set up our #STIGMAWARRIOR campaign which you can find here

After speaking with many newly diagnosed HIV positive people, a lot of the time they are often feeling confused and scared about their new medical condition if they have had no prior education on HIV, leaving the stigma to educate them instead. This is something we want to put a stop to so we have put together the basics of HIV and have taken extra precaution to simplify it for you the best way we possible can. The last thing we want to do is throw a load of medical terminology and jargon at you, however, sometimes this can’t be helped, but we feel that any jargon used in the below educational pages are explained thoroughly. If you have any feedback about what our educational pages please drop us an email at:


The basics of HIV


A guide to HIV treatment and HIV regimens


An analysis on where we stand today with HIV stigma


Considering PrEP? Take a look at pro’s and con’s before you buy!


Probably the most powerful subject in HIV education that can help eliminate HIV stigma. Please read and share with as many people as you can


Been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours? Don’t hesitate, read up!