Prince Harry and Rihanna take HIV test

In order to promote HIV screening around the world, Prince Harry and Rihanna recently underwent HIV screening in Barbados on World AIDS day.

After waiting for twenty minutes at a drop- in centre, both Rihanna and the prince tested negative. The test only took them a few minutes and Rihanna admitted that even though she thought it might have hurt, in reality it didn’t. The aim of this was to show how easy it was to get tested.

This is not the first time the prince has been tested for HIV, having recently undergone a test in London in July. He had been campaigning for months to encourage more people to be tested for HIV and this was part of the strategy. In response to his test, requests for home- testing kits went up by 500 per cent

After getting his results for the HIV test, Harry stressed that HIV isn’t necessarily a death sentence, stating “it’s better that everyone goes and gets tested. Why wouldn’t you?”

Charities such as the Terrence Higgins Trust have acknowledged the role this could play in removing the stigma, adding that it shows a HIV test as quick, easy and not scary. After Prince Harry’s test, 26 of the requested tests came back as positive.