UK’s leading sexual health clinic reports 40% drop in new HIV infections this year

New information has now surfaced that at London’s top sexual health clinic at 56 Dean Street has reported that they have seen a significant drop in HIV infections this year by as much as 40%!

Last year 626 new HIV positive people were newly diagnosed and this year the number has now dropped down to 373 new diagnoses.

Dr Alan McOwan, lead clinician at 56 Dean Street, said: “We were determined that 2016 would be the year that London learnt from San Francisco’s success.

“This drop in new HIV diagnoses could be really significant as the clinic is a major contributor to HIV diagnosis in the UK.”

There are also theories circulating on the cause of the significant drop could be due to PrEP becoming more popular for those who have access to the drug and purchase generic PrEP online from site’s such as

Dr McOwan added: “Furthermore the impact could spread across the UK thanks to better HIV awareness, frequent testing, early treatment and use of prevention methods such as PEP and PrEP in key populations.

“It’s encouraging that the number of people we’re diagnosing as HIV positive has dropped so much.

“We will continue to champion the voices of our clients living with HIV so that we can continue to reduce the stigma associated with what is now a long-term condition, rather than what was a terminal diagnosis only 30 years ago.”

It is still thought that 14,000 people in the U.K. are living with HIV undiagnosed according to new figures released by Public Health England on World AIDS Day

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