We’re recruiting!

Over the next month we will be recruiting several volunteers to join our team and be a part of what will be some very exciting changes within our project. We feel we’re now ready to push our project one step further and in order to implement these changes we’re in need of a dedicated team willing to join DESTIGMATIZE and drive our project to the next stage.


• Treat DESTIGMATIZE as though this were your own project. If you join our team this will be yours as much as it is ours, we can’t take credit for your work, only you can. Whichever way you help us, you will be credited for your efforts.

• The ability to think outside of the box is important, do this your way and only your way! We value individuals who are prepared to take risks so long as you’re being 100% true to yourself when executing your work.

• If you are not yet educated about HIV then do not worry as this will not be a detriment to you and we will provide you with the tools you need in order to feel comfortable speaking about HIV. All we ask is that you have the will to learn so that we are providing our readers with the right facts.

• You will be representing our/your project. We just ask that you keep this in mind every time you speak about us to ensure that we are being promoted in a truthful and positive light. If there is anything you are unhappy with then we would highly encourage you to use your voice so that we can listen to your feedback, it’s not only important but it is crucial to this project so we can improve going forward.


Main Duties

• Actively searching to pick up on any information that is relevant to our project. You could be reading an article which could lead you to a separate article that you may want to write about.

• Writing articles based on any HIV related information that could benefit our readers.

• We will send you news to write about, although it is not compulsory you fulfill every request. As you are a volunteer, there is no required volume of work, although we would prefer it if you were genuinely passionate about fighting HIV stigma, so that the want is there to do the work on your own accord.

Note: You will have your own personal sign-in so that every article you write, you will appear as the author and will be automatically credited for your work.


Main Duties

• Interact with our audience to keep our social media fresh and alive.

• Answer PM’s at your earliest convenience to forward on to the correct person who can help the individual with their query if this cannot be done yourself.

• Post scheduled and non-scheduled updates on a weekly basis.

Note: This role is very important as you will be representing the entire project so ensure that you can find a right balance between being bubbly/fun and being professional.


This role will require at least some experience in editing videos

• Create intro’s, cut/edit down, add text, images and incorporate music to our new #StigmaWarrior interviews which will be uploaded to our new YouTube channel.

• Create trailers and promotional videos.

Note: For this role you will be given a direction for each task you will complete, you won’t need to improvise too much!

We will be adding more roles to our vacancies within the next month or so but ideally we would like these roles to be fulfilled before we start recruiting more volunteers. Please keep in mind that we have multiple positions available for each individual role! It’s very likely that you will be working with others who are also new to the same role.

I’d like to offer my thanks in advanced to those who are interested in becoming a part of our team. Without our volunteers we are nothing!

To apply, simply fill out the form below or contact myself directly junior@destigmatizehiv.com

Introduce yourself and tell us why you would like this role. This only needs to be brief as you will be contacted shortly after submitting this form.