Why wear the Red Ribbon this World AIDS day?


On December 1st, people around the world will be wearing Red Ribbons to commemorate World AIDS day. But why do they do it and what does it mean?

In 1991, artists from an AIDS project called Visual AIDS chose to create a red ribbon to symbolise support for those living with HIV and to show remembrance for those who had died from AIDS-related illnesses. Red was chosen due to its connection to passion, anger and love. The symbol came to the forefront during the Freddie Mercury AIDS Awareness Awareness Tribute Concert in 1992, when more than 100,000 Red Ribbons were distributed. The Red Ribbons continued to grow in prominence throughout the nineties, as many celebrities wore Red Ribbons to demonstrate support for HIV and Aids.

The Red Ribbon is an international symbol of solidarity and support for people living with HIV. It symbolises concern, encouragement and hope. Wearing a ribbon is a simple and powerful way to challenge the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. Anyone can wear one- you don’t have to be HIV-positive or living with AIDS to demonstrate your understanding of the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Wearing a Red Ribbon with pride is an opportunity to show that we are still fighting and still determined to show solidarity and care. Take a stand against HIV stigma on World AIDS Day and wear a Red Ribbon.